Monday, January 12, 2009

Compensating for Wind Rights Within Windfarms

If we use the rectangles, as suggested in the previous post, as our first definition of area for which wind resource rights should be compensated, we also need to recognize that within a given windfarm there may be areas that fall outside the rectangles and that should be compensated. The simple rule should be: if there is any wind resource stranded within the perimeter boundary of a windfarm that could not reasonably be developed because of the existence of the surrounding windfarm, that stranded resource must be compensated for by the interfering windfarm. The perimeter can be defined by applying the 5rd x 10rd rectangles to the outer turbines and simply drawing the lines to the other outer turbines. All land within that is unlikely to be used for wind because of the larger windfarm should be compensated at the same acreage rate as all other land in the windfarm.

It is simple and fair.

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